Debra J Edwards
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Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector - Arty's Revenge

Heroes and heroines appear in many disguises. Some wear capes, others have masks but rarely do they have their very own wings!


Six months after saving Pilpsville from the evil Arty Granger, Aggie Lichen hopes for nothing more than a good night’s sleep and a shiny gold medal. But after her younger sister disappears, the medal still seems a long way off as Aggie and the gang are forced to face their old enemies, the sprites and the Grublins.


And word has it that Gertie Cruet’s not too pleased either …

Second in the Mirvellon Series

ISBN 9780955019210

  Available as a paperback and an e-book - - -

Amazon (Kindle)


Captivating...a must read! - 18 May 2013 - Kateymummy on

Another excellent read from author Debra J Edwards. A fascinating and deeply fulfilling fantasy adventure that captivates the imagination from the very start. Debra's humorous dialogue and story writing engages the reader, giving enjoyment throughout. And I for one wanted more and couldn't put this book down!!


A great follow up to `Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector'...I look forward to the third and last book of the trilogy with anticipation!


Great for all ages, not just for the teenagers, I for one enjoyed this thoroughly!

Another hit - 17 May 2013 - Mrs T on

A worthy follow up to Debra's first book. If you enjoyed that you will love this book. Couldn't put it down