Debra J Edwards
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Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector - Hero Required

With sprites and Grublins now roaming the streets causing chaos, someone needs to restore calm and return Pilpsville to its former glory. But with most of the town’s inhabitants turned into ridiculous Grublin-fairies by the evil Arty Granger’s potions, the task seems virtually impossible. A hero is required, but where can one be found?  


In a glass jar, captured by humans lies a Grublin-fairy. Stripped of its memories, it knows nothing of its former life, friends or family. Yet this pathetic creature has a vital role to play.

Third in the Mirvellon Series

ISBN 9780955019227

  Available as a paperback and an e-book - - -

Amazon (Kindle)


Another hit - 17 May 2013 - Mrs T on

Really looked forward to this book and wasn't disappointed. A fantastic must have read. Really enjoyed reading more about Aggie