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All Saints CE VA Primary School, Stibbard, Norfolk


Attleborough Junior School, Attleborough, Norfolk


Mulbarton Junior School, Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk


All Saints Benhilton CoE Primary School, Sutton, Surrey


Dunton Green Primary School, Sevenoaks, Kent


Robin Hood Junior School, Sutton, Surrey


Kingswood Primary School, Lower Kingswood, Surrey

Robin Hood Junior School, Sutton, Surrey

Hi Debra,

My Year 5 class attended your talk, at Waterstones in

Sutton. I have been asked, by Julia Burridge,

to send you some feedback from this.


The talk, on "Aggie Lichen; Pilp collector", was a

thoroughly enjoyable one for all children. They heard about

the process of writing the book aswell as extracts from the


The personal touch; how ideas were gathered, how the drafts were produced etc, ensured all children felt able to go away and write themselves. Many of the children bought the book and have since commented on their enjoyment of it.

I would like to pass on my Thanks to Debra for her

inspirational talk and thought provoking book.


Thanks again for the opportunity to hear you speak about the book.

Nicki Douglas

Kingswood Primary School, Lower Kingswood, Surrey

Hello Debra


We enjoyed

...looking at the scripts and books in their different stages.

...hearing about the Grublings because we liked the idea of them. Also the other

characters because they have realistic personalities.

...hearing about your ideas and how they linked to your life story and why.

...having a bit read to us as it gave it a taste of your book.

...enthusiasm coming from you for your book.

...inspiration to help us start writing our own books.

...the process of publishing a book and how long it takes. Matthew is not sure whether he wants to be an author anymore!! It hasn't changed Hayley's mind,

though, and she is in the middle of writing her second novel.

...the mistakes that happened when it was published.


We found the talk interesting because we learnt lots about planning stories, inspiration for ideas and publishing. There was a good mixture of things to look at, talking and discussing. You explained well. We could see how hard it

was to get a book published. It was weird to see the story in just paperform before it was a book. We liked looking at the mistakes because it was funny and we liked seeing all the crossing out bits. We liked having the opportunity to

ask you questions because it meant that we could find out even more information.

We thought it was interesting to get different questions from different children and the answers you gave were clear.


Aggie is stroppy so it is really funny. She is grumpy and never wants to take her sister out and she is really mean to her - it is funny. Aggie is odd because she cries over a dress; she calls her sister names but cuddles her the next minute. In the beginning it shows she takes after her dad. I think is Aggie is like an ordinary teenager that always wants her way.


The book is absolutely awesome and I recommend it for everyone.

This book is excellent for all ages.

It is so funny you will laugh your socks off!

This book encourages we to write more stories especially as I have met the author who told me how to become an author.

Thank you for coming to talk to us - I've been inspired!

The author has a great imagination.


Thank you for coming in, Larch Class


Dunton Green Primary School, Sevenoaks, Kent

Dear Debra,


Thank you for a very educational and interesting talk to the pupils yesterday. As you requested, I have written a short report on your visit and included some of the children's comments. They were very impressed with the extracts you read and those who bought books have got stuck into them straight away!


Best Wishes,

Melanie Schapel

Year 6 Teacher

Dunton Green Primary School


Debra Edwards visited children in Key Stage 2 at Dunton Green Primary School on 9th February, 2006. This event was part of our Book Fortnight celebrations. Debra explained the process of writing which reinforces what is taught in the classroom, including planning, drafting and redrafting and proofreading thoroughly. She also inspired some of the children to consider becoming authors themselves. All the children were captivated by the enthusiasm with which Debbie talked and shared extracts from her book.


Here are some of the Year 6 pupils’ comments:

Debbie Edwards is a children’s author. She has just written her first book. Debbie taught us a lot about writing a story, such as how to set it out and where inspiration can come from. When she read the first chapter to us, I thought it was detailed and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Debbie takes a lot of time on her plan and she likes to make her characters realistic. Lauren M and Dylan


I enjoyed seeing Debbie because she talked to us about how to write a story and it will help me to write my own stories. Robyn


Debbie Edwards is a funny and bubbly person; her personality is like her book. She wrote about a teenager tooth fairy with an attitude. I only heard a few paragraphs but it sounds really good. I can’t wait until I read my own copy. Eda


Debra’s book is so cool. I am reading it at the moment. I think the 13 year old girl is very funny. I also love the way she writes all her ideas in a book. I definitely would recommend her book. Mary


Debbie read out parts of her new book Aggie Lichen: Pilp Collector. She was very nice and she let us have her signature. Oliver


Debbie has put a lot of description in her story, which is set in a fantasy world but is realistic. I really enjoyed her visit to our school. Kyra


Debbie Edwards has made me thing about becoming an author and publishing my own book. Georgina

All Saints Benhilton CoE Primary School, Sutton, Surrey


Visit from Debra Edwards 29th/30th April 2014 to All Saints Benhilton Sutton


Workshop and author talk


Feedback from teachers:


It was fantastic; Debbie had the children completely engaged. We started to read the first ‘Aggie Lichen’ book and the children are keen to continue reading the rest of the series.


The workshop made the children think about characters in a story and how to build information about them so that they were a 3D creation. It inspired the class to write.


The author talk helped the children to understand the process of writing a book and the many stages that it involved. The children heard how even published authors needed to edit and re-write texts to improve them.


Feedback from children:


My teacher is reading the first book and I really like the story; I’ve bought the second book so that I can carry on reading.


The talk was good because I learnt all about getting a book published. We heard about ways to get ideas for writing.


She wasn’t boring but had lots of energy and I wanted to listen. It was good hearing an author read from their own book.


I liked creating a character from the different objects. We had lots of discussion in our group about what the character could be like. It was hard to begin with but the more we talked about the objects the character became more real.

Mulbarton Junior School, Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk


Visit from Debra Edwards 3rd/4th May 2016 to Mulbarton Junior


Author talk and workshops


Feedback from children:

Debra’s response
Visit from Debra Edwards 11th July 2017 to Attleborough Junior

Author talk

How to trap a Grublin from Lily, Oliver and Tegan: